What we're about

This meetup group is to help the Common Law Institute grow and better serve its members.
See http://common-law.net and the About page for more information.

We are NOT terrorists of any kind, not even "paper terrorists"; we will NOT be issuing bogus liens or fake court documents which some "common law" groups apparently use to harrass their political opponents. We will NOT knowingly engage in or promote any illegal or immoral activities.

Our concept of Common Law is not what's called "English Common Law", and it's not any kind of religious law; it could be called "Universal Common Law" (and some of us feel that certain religious laws or guidelines are based on it or are forms of it). At http://common-law.net/nap.html is an explanation.

This meetup group is to help promote the Common Law Institute and help it serve its members. The Institute's purposes include:

1. Learning about Common Law, Natural Law, and the Principles that America was founded upon, and teaching these principles and our Inherent Rights to ourselves and others, thereby restoring the educated citizenry necessary to maintain freedom;

2. Growing communities and networks of members worldwide who abide by these principles;

3. Growing our own free market gold and silver based economy within these networks to preserve and enhance our prosperity no matter what happens to the outside world;

4. Developing our own court system to serve as an alternative dispute resolution service for our members and others, as appropriate;

5. Maintaining friendly or at least civil relations with our host countries, perhaps by helping reduce their court loads, but also by NOT bringing their crooked politicians and tyrants and war criminals to justice even if we wish we could;

6. Ultimately, becoming in essence a worldwide virtual country with treaties by which the other nations basically leave us alone so we get more of our freedom back, without causing major problems for our host countries; and

7. Finally, growing large, concentrated, and powerful enough to set up Liberty Districts, Free States, and ultimately our own free country somewhere suitable where we can all enjoy being free and responsible.

Ideal participants would most likely score somewhere in the Libertarian area on the World's Smallest Political Quiz but need not be members of the Libertarian Party or any other party. The Common Law Institute is secular, which means strictly neutral on religion, not anti-religion or Atheist. Members may have a wide variety of religious beliefs (including none) as long as they support the Principles that we and America are founded upon. Thus, they may differ on exactly where, what, or Whom our Inherent Rights come from, as long as they agree that they are Inherent to our very nature as sentient beings with free will and therefore cannot be taken away by other people or institutions.

The About page has the above information with the proper URL's activated.

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