What we're about

Local chapter of the international Bogleheads movement. In this group we will share knowledge so that we can all achieve something similar!

These are the few simple steps to follow:

1. We learn - it's a lot simpler than the financial industry is trying to make it!
2. We save - the more you save, the faster you're free!
3. We invest - using simple, long term, low cost strategies!
4. We keep going - stick to the plan!
5. We enjoy life - with all the benefits of financial independence

Feel free to comment and ask questions!

Bogleheads Philosophy of Investing

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ADM08: February Social Meetup - meetup and chat


ADM07: Christmas Social Meetup - meetup and chat


Simple Smart Expat Investing with Andrew Hallam

Raha International School

ADM06: Social Meetup - meetup and chat

Raha International School

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