Dubai Meetup 24: I Retired Young, My Journey to Financial Freedom in Dubai


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This event is organized by the volunteers of the community "SimplyFI - Common Sense Personal Finance and Investing", the UAE local chapter of the Bogleheads and ChooseFI


Topic: I Retired Young – My Journey to Financial Freedom & Early Retirement in Dubai

David is a real life example of making it to financial freedom, exiting the workforce and moving into early retirement. He’ll talk about his journey - his motivations and the choices that took him to financial independence, his first year of early retirement, and his plans for the future.

He’ll give insights into what went right, what went wrong, and discuss whether he would do things differently if he had to do it again.

Guest Speaker: David Cox

David’s a regular guy from the UK, who has spent the last 12 years in Dubai, mostly working as an accountant. Married to Sally, he has two children, Rebecca and Sam – Rebecca is now working so is almost off the books, while Sam still costs money at university.

Less usual is that David retired young aged 47. Still in Dubai, he enjoys his stress-free days, cycling and running with friends, keeping tabs on investments as well as staying on top of the chores.

This year he plans 6 months of travel, and will take possession of a new apartment in the French Alps. That’s quite a change for someone who started working life as an accounts clerk on minimum wage.

Since retiring, David has started blogging about early retirement at and has been featured on, Rockstar Finance and The National.


Venue: Abu Dhabi University, Dubai Campus:

Parking and access to the venue:

- There is free parking round the back of the university (near the Holiday Inn express at the start of the roundabout). All you have to do is press the button at the gate to the underground parking and it will open. Then proceed to basement 2.

- Once parked, go to the lift and press the ground floor button.- The venue is the multipurpose room in front of the reception.


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