What we're about

I am launching something new - an open source theatre project which, hopefully, will inspire others in communities everywhere to join in building a new type of community theatre.

I'm calling it the Common Theatre Project.

I've launched a site with more information: http://commontheaterproject.com . You can find more information there.

The first step is to gather together people, both people with theater experience, want to gain that experience, and a wide group of other people, including journalists, business people, people with legal experience, and people who are interested in making something new in their communities to help bind these communities closer together.

And together we can talk about what these theaters can do and how.

I have a few ideas, but I need you to help discuss, and then make this thing.

The first step is to join. And then we can start with a first meeting.

If you love theater and what it can do, join me. If you are dissatisfied with what you're seeing in your local communities, join me.

Let's get together and talk about what this can be.

Past events (2)

Common Theatre Project - Open Discussion

Westerville Public Library

CTP Kickoff - 1st meeting and discussion

Westerville Public Library

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