What we're about

CommonTruce serves as a platform for professional people of color to unite in key aspects of life.

It is actively turning strangers into friends and creating a network that will span across the country. Although it serves multiple functions, its main focus is to re-establish communication between men and women of color. Fostering healthier relationships will benefit us all personally in every aspect of life.

Do you aspire to connect with others?

CommonTruce Social acts as a bridge that draws men and women of color together. With a focus on re-establishing communication, resolution to our issues will be addressed in different ways. CommonTruce Dating and Relationship Q&A serves as a platform for us to address the issues that plague us as a community. Tabernacle Tuesdays #Preach is a podium to share monumental events in your personal lives to help prevent others from repeating the same mistakes. These prime events, in addition to local wine tastings, comedy shows, happy hours and other entertainment activities, compose the social experience which brings us together.

Do you desire change in your community?

CommonTruce Community is geared towards building the community we all envision. In order to generate any change, we have to play an active role. CommonTruce: Professional Dress Workshop has become a staple to educate young men of color on grooming, hygiene, and presentation. Each city will form working relationships with local programs, such as Bread for the City, Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, assist in volunteer efforts and support where the need is great.

Do you possess an interest in traveling?

CommonTruce Travel affords the opportunity for individuals interested in traveling to do so with others. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway to the beach or a lavish 5-day international voyage, we all need to maintain balance as working adults. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your downtime with like-minded young professionals.

Anything else I need to know before I join CommonTruce?

Membership does not hinge on your relationship status, ethnic origin or which aspect intrigues you most. What is sought after is your active participation in any of the areas you care to be involved in. The mission speaks for itself: CommonTruce is more than a social group..it's a movement.

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CommonTruce Fantasy Football League
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*UPDATE* *You will have able to access the draft lobby to see your picking order 1 hour prior to draft time. *Each player will have exactly 30 seconds to choose their player *All payments are due: August, Friday 19, 2016 *Fantasy Football 101 will be uploaded to Youtube for viewing VERY SOON. A link will be provided to you. *Spaces are limit, priority is given to those who (1) register and sign into ESPN (2) submit payments *if applicable DRAFT DATE & TIMES The Rookies: Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 1pm est ENTRY: FREE SIGN UP NOW The Campaign: Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 5pm est ENTRY: $15.00 | DUE: SIGN UP NOW The Gridiron: Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 7pm est ENTRY: $30.00: DUE: SIGN UP NOW _________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the NFL season slowly approaches, along with it comes another year of Fantasy Football! SIGN UP HERE CommonTruce will be hosting 3 different leagues based on each player skill-set level. 1. The Rookies Beginner League – New to fantasy football? NO PROBLEM! I will be hosting a Fantasy Football 101 to equip you with ALL the information you need to know prior to draft day. Entry - FREE 2. The Campaign 2015 Champion - Kadian F. Intermediate League – Played before and possess what it takes to be competitive? Then this league is for you. Entry - $15.00 *Due three (3) days prior to draft day APPROXIMATE PAYOUTS: 1st $70.00 | 2nd $30.00 | 3rd $[masked]. The Gridiron 2015 Champion - Lee J. Advanced League – Are you a fantasy football pro? Prove it! Entry - $30.00 *Due three (3) days prior to draft day APPROXIMATE PAYOUTS: 1st $180 .00 | 2nd $80.00 | 3rd $40.00 If you are interested and would like to participate, simply SIGN UP HERE and select league preference. You will receive additional league information via email once draft day draws closer. *ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN Thank You, Darion www.commontruce.com Follow CommonTruce Instagram: www.instagram.com/commontruce Facebook: www.facebook.com/commontruce Twitter: www.twitter.com/commontruce Questions or Concerns? Email: [masked]

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CommonTruce Travel: Caribana Toronto

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