What we're about

We are three friends from different corners of the commonwealth, all now in Cincinnati. A British guy, a South African dude, and an Aussie bloke.

We've been talking about this for a while, so trying to pull a finger out and get on with it...

Our mission:

1. Find more Brits, Aussies, Kiwis & Africans. Maybe Canadians. Probably not Canadians. Ok Canadians.

2. Get everyone in one room, drink beer, shit on each others countries, and have good times!

Note: We honestly didn't think so many people would join so fast and We'd have time to write a much better description, but screw it, lets leave it.

Also: Sorry, this one is for peoples of the UK, NZ, AU, SA etc only. We love you Americans, really we do, or we wouldn't be here. The thing is, we are thousands of miles from our friends and families, and the idea behind this is to enjoy a little sip of home :)

Past events (5)

Christmas Drinky-Poos

Needs a location

For Queen and Country!

Needs a location

Booze, Charcuterie and Piss-taking

The Skeleton Root

For Queen and Country!

Needs a location

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