What we're about

Hello lady data lovers!

I created this group because I could not find an existing data science group that is focused on communicating data. So I want to create a supportive environment for coders of all levels to practice speaking about their data, learn about other people's jobs, and pick up some new skills!

This group is for anyone who:
1) Identifies as a woman
2) Works in data science and uses big data & statistics (can also be a beginner that only does data science as a hobby)
3) Wants to practice communicating data to others
4) Wants to learn about other people's careers in data science

My goals for this group are:
1) To practice public speaking and explaining data analyses in a comfortable supportive environment
2) To learn about different types of careers in big data
3) To network -- meet other women working in big data
4) To allow members to gain new insight and tips that will improve their coding

Here is how I see this going:
(subject to change due to input from members)
Every meeting a different person will present something that has to do with data science. It could be anything from something you did for fun (if you do not want to share what you are working on at work), or something you are doing for work. Alternatively it could be teaching members how to use a specific program/package relevant to data science or statistics.

I think the rough format of a 2-3 hour meeting will be as follows:
First 30 min: Introductions
Next 30 min to an hour: Presentation by a person from the group.
Next 30 min: Questions, feedback, comments, advice
Next 30 min to an hour: Socializing

It would be best to do it in conference rooms. We could use one in my building sometimes, and hopefully other people in the group will have access to conference rooms.

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Presentation 1 - A Kaggle Submission

Needs a location

Inaugural meetup: lets discuss the format of the meetup

Needs a location

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