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Toning Meditation
Vocal toning is a simple yet powerful sound healing practice for self realization, relaxation and transformation. It is recognized as a complementary healing modality, tremendously beneficial in overcoming stress related conditions and illnesses. Research has shown that with daily practice, specific vocal toning regimens can eliminate tumors, increase the highly beneficial production of Nitric Oxide and happy hormones, and heal drug addiction, PTSD, depression and chronic pain. It’s effectiveness can be explained in terms of entrainment and sympathetic resonance. Since everything is energy and thus in a state of vibration, everything has the capacity for change when influenced by a different vibration. Although it’s difficult to imagine, our physical bodies, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are all energetic vibrations. We can directly influence them all with the vibrations and intentional nature of our vocal tones along with their harmonics that extend well beyond our range of hearing. The energy that travels throughout our being during a vocal toning session will begin to clear energy blockages and encourage disturbances in our energy field to return to a healthy, coherent flow. It is an uplifting and healing experience that improves our health, wellbeing and vitality. To vocal tone, we sound an extended vowel, hum or short phrase that rides gently upon each out breath. Our vibrating sound currents flow throughout us and beyond, energizing every cell, re-harmonizing our whole being. Our own unique voice is especially potent when it’s intended for the expression of self healing and the expansion of our consciousness. No other voice can impact us like our own. Vocal toning also facilitates deep meditative states by providing a focus point for our mind. When we bring vocal toning and meditation together, our experience is even more profound. Within a meditative state, we add our intention to ride upon our vocal sound current and mindfully direct it to the area in our body, or in our life that we wish to transform. This is a powerful exercise for expediting change. Each month, a vocal toning program is created for empowering our intentions and harmonizing our lives with the rhythms and seasons of our community, our planet and our cosmic home. Often included are prescriptive Sanskrit Mantras, Buddhist Chants and other sacred incantations realized by our ancient ancestors. These bring us into resonance with the unified field, reconnecting and realigning us with our Divine Mind, Cosmic Consciousness and It’s timeless wisdom. **Please note that toning is not singing and all voices are lovingly welcome. Jacinta Brondgeest is a sound healer (National Sound Healers Association), an ordained Minister (IMM) and a Billboard charting music artist and DJ.

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This meet up group is hosted by Bayou Bliss Yoga, a 2 story bungalow in First Montrose Commons. We are a center for integrative healing, wellness and healthy living. We offer yoga, integrative breathwork, therapeutic massage, and energy work. We designed this meet up group to let people know about our community events, mainly focusing on meditation and sound healing. Everyone is welcome, suggested donations between $10 and $20.

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