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Celebration of Uncomfortable Conversations!
On the 27th of every month, we will be celebrating bravery in growth by coming together and finding support through guidance, unconditional love, and uncomfortable conversations. We will gather together and discuss the importance of this group, which is: To honor oneself and the other To honor the home in which we speak And to honor our truths, no matter what they be From there everyone is led to guidance and freedom and may mingle as they see divinely fit! There will be plenty of nutrient-dense, whole plant-based foods, appetizers, and drinks to go around :) Cannabis Friendly - BYOC :) There will also be refreshments to take home with you so bring your wallet if you wish! Suggested Donation: $7 - But will accept tokens, trinkets, words, wisdom, compliments, hugs, feedback, and Love as we know abundance comes in all forms and we do not discriminate <3 Please RSVP so we know how much food to make and bring a friend if you wish :) We can't wait to see your beautiful souls here. With Honor & Love, Lisa's Home

Lisa e. Bradford's Home

3039 Newton St · Denver, co

What we're about

Welcome home.

Are you looking for a place to sit in the dark while searching for your light?

Do you need more community, intellectual insight and stimulation, spiritual wisdom and nourishment, truly deep interconnected relationships with yourself and/or the world around you?

How about your joy? Is that being fulfilled?

And your full belly laughs? Are you getting enough of those?

Okay, okay. How about this, if that doesn't satisfy you... how about some nutrient-dense, whole plant-based foods, gourmet, gluten and corn-free entrees and appetizers served to you on (literally) a silver platter? Does that sound nice? And...

You can even take some home with you.

Join us on the 27th of every month for a communion of lost but beautiful and brave souls trying to step into their light.

I know that we have previously marketed this event as free, but from this point forward we will be asking our members for a $15 entrance fee. This isn't a hard limiter, if you need financial assistance or want to work something out, PLEASE MESSAGE US. We would rather have you there than not just because of finances! This number isn't to devalue our community's experience but to enhance the collective as a whole at a level we have never experienced before.

Each penny spent will be going towards the development and maintenance of creating a culture much like our meetup groups do, but we don't want it to just stay there. We want it to reach every corner of every world.

With Honor and Grace,


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