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Are you feeling the ache from someone’s absence? The pain can feel sharp, cutting quick, deep, and hard.

Other times it’s relentless and all-consuming, with no clear way forward.

And then there’s feeling the weight of it all while everyday life continues where even the happiest moments are tinged with grief.

…and so few people get it!

It can get so lonely when people don’t hold it well, when you open up and share only to feel empty, drained, and worse off.

Or maybe you isolate your pain because you fear being a burden.

Because what if you open up this black hole just to find it’s an endless pool that will never go away? What if you scare people away? Maybe you already have.

And so the dam builds and begins trapping all the good emotions too, and you can start to feel like you’re not really living.

To avoid feeling anything that might start a flood, your world shrinks, which can lead to anxiety and depression, making your world even smaller. But it doesn’t have to be this way….

What if there was a safe place to share your grief, with kindness all around you?
…a place where you could feel connected, seen, and accepted for who you are,
…a journey with people who are also in the depths,where you can grieve openly and open the Pandora’s box of emotions you have been pushing away.

…a circle where your darkest pain is well held and your courage helps others.

…a community of support where your pain could be witnessed, validated, and understood, where you could share stories, and hear the experience of others further down the path?..stories that offer hope, and a way through.

You could begin to let some of the pain go, maybe even find new direction on your own path, and the beginnings of a new world.


Hello, I’m Dr. Florie Wild. As a Clinical Psychologist for over a decade, I create safe spaces where all the pain, shame, and fear can be shared, loved, and brought through to the light. As a seasoned midwife to grief I build community through rituals that take us into the deep waters where real and lasting healing takes place.

Grief and joy can’t be extricated. We must grieve to the extent we loved, and if you can go through the grief, you come back to joy.

But it’s easy to get stuck on the way.I want to teach you to trust your grief and your intuition.

With the support of a community of grievers who deeply get you, I would love to guide you to finding the tools, trust, strength, and resilience to take you to the other side.

To learn more about what you can expect on this journey, go to www.drfloriewild.com/programs

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