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Discover Healing Through the Siri Gayatri Mantra and Universal Healing Circle

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In the Kundalini Yoga tradition there are group practices for healing. One of them
is The Universal Healing Circle.

At this gathering we will learn to chant the Siri Gayatri Mantra. It is one of the most powerful mantras known, and is extraordinarily effective in dealing with health
challenges. It is powerful. It is universal. It works on many levels; the mental,
spiritual, emotional, and physical.

The Universal Healing Circle allows us to bring balance into the core of our
energetic body and floods us with the frequency of Divine Healing. Practicing it,
shifts our personal vibration so we can access the healing elixir of the Divine and
steer it into a particular direction… either into yourself, another person, the
whole planet, or anything you choose to focus your attention on.

The other parts to this healing practice: Mudra (hand position), Pranayama
(breath technique), Drishti (eye focus), and the science of the essence of sound
(mantra). This combination of techniques used in a circular group setting has
been said to have an exponential effect.

All are welcome! No prior background is needed to join, sit, chant and experience this ancient and powerful practice for yourself; in honor of someone you know who
could use healing, or simply for the benefit of our beloved planet.

Please bring a sacred object that you think would be meaningful to share with another member, for the duration of the Circle. No worries if you don’t have one; we have extras to share.

Come join in the fun, and feel the support and power of your Community Healing Circle. We look forward to seeing you all.
With blessings always!