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The Amazing Gift of Native Nuts -

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The Amazing Gift of Native Nuts -


What if there were various native nut trees from which we could harvest the four basic food commodities – oil, grain, milk and meat, in copious amounts each year? What if we not only mapped existing, nearby trees but grew them – in collaboration with our neighbors – to create productive native tree orchards? And what if it were possible to create new economies based on small, worker-owned, community-scale, nut-processing facilities throughout our region, utilizing these native nuts? Sound nuts?

Bill Whipple has been doing this work in West Virginia where he also has been growing chemical free pears commercially, for over 30 years. He also helped start the Buncombe Fruit and Nut Club that stewarded edible parks in Asheville. Come hear about his “Acornucopia Project” that is “rooted in Asheville, NC soon to sprout up everywhere.”

Also hear about his upcoming 3-day intensive (Sept 14-16) at a campground in Blacksburg, VA (for only $50!) that will combine workshops with Open Space circles, foraging parties and food sharing so participants will understand how to “create a world of perennial food crops for yourself, your community, and ultimately the entire human race.” See At our gathering, Bill will share free samples of foods we can make from native trees and have some products for sale.

This is the time of year to harvest this native bounty and as Bill says, “To have something so valuable right under our feet and not know about it is just plain nuts!” Here's a way to generate food as well as local economy and to catalyze a natural, neighborhood intentional community. Please join us!

What to Bring:
It's a potluck, so bring food and/or drink (prefer non-gmo, organic and low/no sugar, but all is ok, including meat & dairy). We'll have some wine, tea and all utensils. Eating starts by about 6:15 and the presentation starts around 7pm. It’s fine to bring just your own special food for yourself, not eat, or come late for the presentation - whatever works best for you.

11 Old Candler Town Rd. · Candler, 28715, NC
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