What we're about

We are a close community of wisdom seekers interested in personal and professional training using the body as the channel. We offer a strong network of support in which to learn, grow, and heal with Reiki as our main (but not our only) tool.


* Wants to receive the gifts of Life, Love, and Reiki
* Is curious about Reiki or other spiritual/personal growth practices
* Wants to learn Reiki or other spiritual/personal growth practices
* Already uses Reiki or other spiritual/personal growth practices

I am BURSTING with ideas and excitement to use Reiki in so many ways and in so many places! Thank you for following your curiosity about this group. Your ideas, feedback, wisdom, and suggestions are always welcome.

2. Reiki PRACTICE groups
3. Opportunities for the PUBLIC to experience, and benefit from, Reiki

All events are categorized to help clear up confusion about which events would be best suited to you.

Everyone is invited (beginner to advanced). No experience necessary.

These events are great for those who are new to Reiki. Current practitioners are welcome to some of these events, such as the Intro to Reiki, to assist with learning. Check with Tracy before attending if you are a practitioner.

These events are for those with some Reiki training and want additional education and experience.

Reiki practitioners with training and experience are invited to Advanced events. Pre-requisites are listed in the description of individual events.

(Immersion Members)
You are an immersion member if you have committed to, or completed, Usui Master training with Tracy.

1. Together, we create a NURTURING place in which RESPECT is given to all who attend.
2. All facets and traditions of Reiki are HONORED and EMBRACED.
3. This is a CO-CREATIVE group. Members are encouraged to bring ideas and inspirations for accessing and applying Reiki. In this way, we learn from each other and have a safe place in which to try something new!
4. First Reiki Share or Healing Circle is FREE if you're new to the community and have not attended one of these events.
5. As part of our local and global CHARITABLE GIVING, 5% of every dollar received for events is donated to World Bicycle Relief (https://sacredmtnhealing.wordpress.com/charitable-giving/). We're all in this together.
6. Reiki teaches the importance of an ENERGY EXCHANGE. This community supports both hosts and members by utilizing the principles of exchange. On a practical level, there are also costs associated with hosting events and maintaining a vibrant, healthy community. As such, volunteer time or financial contributions are requested for most gatherings. Each event describes the volunteer opportunities available. Financial contributions cover the cost of our meeting space ($50 per event), instructor, organization of events, flyers, meetup fees ($180 per year), and other costs associated with hosting events. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted. You can also chip in through meetup here. (https://secure.meetup.com/Community-Reiki-Circle/contribute/) There are opportunities for volunteering in leiu of payment. Tuition is set for specific trainings.

Charitable giving (https://sacredmtnhealing.wordpress.com/charitable-giving/) is part of the local and global vision for this group. As such, 5% of every dollar received for events and private Reiki sessions is donated to World Bicycle Relief until we reach our goal of 50 bikes (http://teamwbr.worldbicyclerelief.org/TracyBikes). Once the current goal has been achieved, another charity will be selected. We're all in this together.

I'm excited to share the versatility of Reiki with you and I look forward to having you as part of our Reiki Community!

Tracy L. Cash, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Reiki Master Teacher (Usui, Karuna, Drumming, and Sonics)
Community Reiki Circle Organizer

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