What we're about

We are a crew of enthusiastic makers, mechanics, fabricators and dreamers who want to make community submersibles a reality! That means growing a cooperatively owned and operated club of manned submersibles that anyone can learn how to use.

The Community Submersibles Project is fundamentally about making ocean exploration on submersibles accessible. These incredible machines have traditionally only been available to researchers and wealthy private owners, but they offer a rare and wondrous glimpse into the unknown that we believe everyone should get to experience.

We currently own two submersibles!

Fangtooth: a 2-person 11' long bright yellow manned submersible, capable of dives to 30'. We are retrofitting Fangtooth to be able to dive to 150'.

Noctiluca: a 2-person 32' long manned diesel-electric submersible with a 500 mile range and capable of dives to 300'. We will be repairing and retrofitting a number of different system components that will hopefully increase her depth range as well.

We welcome everyone and offer rigorous courses for learning how to engage with the subs safely!

Past events (6)

Noctiluca sub at Maker Faire!

San Mateo County Event Center

:.: pre maker faire work party :.:

All Power Labs

:: fangtooth at Edna Brewer middle school ::

Edna Brewer Middle School

:: fangtooth painting ::

All Power Labs

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