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    What we're about

    This is a support group for women already diagnosed with ADHD who are looking for assistance in managing certain aspects of their life.

    Most Adult ADHD groups are flooded with people who think they might have ADHD and the meeting time is spent primarily on getting them to seek help. But this is a SPECIFIC group for those who were diagnosed at least 2-3 years ago and have already started a treatment plan.

    For women who were diagnosed late in life, during perimenopause or years afterwards, we also need to balance the grief of what our life would have been like if diagnosed early with changing lifelong habits and 'becoming the person we were meant to be.'

    Members should:

    - no longer have kids at home,

    - are working in an office or their home,

    - are contemplating retirement, or

    - are retired or semi-retired.

    Our mission is to share positive advice and tools we have found work for us in various settings, offer encouragement and support to others struggling with certain issues, and all-in-all be a safe and private environment.

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