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Picnic @ Swords & Sabres 2018
Come join us at Swords & Sabers 2018 for a picnic & fun outing!! (By the stage.) "A family friendly day of costumes! Come as your favorite knight, viking or pirate and cross swords (or pool noodles) with some new friends! Watch Winnipeg's living history groups teach and share how life was for our ancestors. Try out wearing armour and have swashbuckling fun as a pirate! This free event is put on by the Norwood Biz and hosted by the Sons of Lugh with special guests: Castel Rouge SCA, Frontier LARP, Wildgard, and more! Come out for this fun day, bring a picnic lunch or eat at one of our local food trucks, come dressed up or make a costume onsite!"

Coronation Park

#1 Eugenie Street · Winnipeg, MB

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We felt that Winnipeg needed a monthly event for creatives, freelancers, owners, tradespeople, and independent contractors to connect.

Working many hours non-stop can wear you down, and nothing screams awesome than spending a day with like minded people, building real genuine relationships to last a lifetime.

We don't make any money off of these events. In fact, we spend quite a bit out of pocket, plus weeks of our time, just because this is exactly what Winnipeg desperately needs, right now.

With so much monetization happening, Winnipeg needed a community that was completely ran by the community instead of a private entity. One that teaches the importance of everyone working together to succeed, instead of 1 person profiting off the backs of many.

We're also actively looking for individuals who believe in our cause and are interested in spending just a few hours each month to help see it succeed. Whether it's putting up posters, advertising online, or being a journalist & helping with our monthly newsletter. Every bit counts, and you decide what you want to help with. (It's kind of like a do-ocracy, where the only way something gets done is when members simply go & do it.)

As much effort as we put into advertising, nothing brings more friends together than word of mouth. Seriously!! With social media robots controlling what we see, plus people having very busy day to day lives, it wasn't until we started sending messages 1 on 1 that we've had a 100x increase in responses! So please, the only way we can grow is by each of our members taking a few minutes to invite friends personally.

Sure, what we're achieving sounds huge. But it's not that crazy with each & every new friend we make along the way. Truly friends helping friends, and it will mean a lot to everyone to see you there.

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