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This is a group of ex-liberals and compassionate conservatives who want to escape the tyrannical conformity, political correctness, identity politics and increasing militancy that has become the left today - and whom believe that the left, which may have once been our home and our personal history - has taken a suicidally wrong turn. We retain our core compassionate roots but we reject the straightjacket of ideological orthodoxy and reserve the right to calmly consider all political opinions, worldviews and most importantly, the facts of reality - however lamentable. We are guided by reason and evidence as well as sentiment and are willing to go wherever the facts take us - compassionately. We believe in free speech and that it should not be censored by legal sanction - nor by personal vilification. We welcome new insights, new ideas, new information and new solutions - to old problems and new problems alike. And we perhaps re-discover and/or re-evaluate some of the older, more conservative ideas - ideas that have both formed the basis for and have also sustained our free and democratic society - ideas that have stood the test of time. And finally, we are mindful of what can be learned from history - lest we be doomed to repeat it. Also, very importantly, we recognize and commit ourselves to the utmost civility in dealing with the most sensitive of topics. If this resonates with you, then please take the time to tell us a little about yourself by answering our questions. You can find our questions by clicking on "My Profile" on the top-right corner of our home-page, and then by clicking "add response" underneath each question. A warm welcome to everyone who is willing to look reality in the face whilst keeping their hearts - and minds - open!

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