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What we’re about

The truth is that if God (or whatever word you prefer to use instead of God) is infinite, then no one religion can adequately describe God - no matter what any particular religion tries to tell you! Here in America, we are at least culturally Christian. We pretty much know who Jesus is, what Christmas and Easter are, what a Bible is, and so on. Even if we were raised without any religious exposure, we know the "characters" in the Christian tradition. At Compassionate Heart, we start with the culturally familiar story and then explore what other traditions - especially Buddhism and Hinduism - have to say about topics shared in common. We ask what all the great traditions have to say about concepts like love, compassion, charity, generosity, kindness, the poor, the less fortunate, the sick, money, wealth, interpersonal relationships - to name just a few. Using this process, we each can come to develop what we might call a spirituality of our own. We can expand our knowledge and our perspective in a safe, supportive environment where nobody claims to have all the answers and questions are always welcome!

On Sundays we have our main gathering of the week, a spiritual service with a focus on relating spirituality to everyday life. We have music, time for meditation, readings from the diverse spiritual traditions, a spiritual talk and discussion, and a contemplative interspiritual communion. There are refreshments afterwards, usually around 2:30. Check our schedule for the details of any particular day. Feel free to join us for any part of the day. Newcomers are always welcome! <br>

We hope you will check us out! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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