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I am delighted to announce the opening of The Compassionately Evolving Community for Women, a brand new Meetup. Compassionately Evolving was born out of my desire to serve women in a bigger, bolder way. It is a place to come together in support of each other’s evolution - evolution out of suffering and into greater peace, power, and purpose. It is created for women who have done a lot of deep work and are ready to reap the rewards of that work - greater wisdom, courage, and grace. It is a community for those who seek to align with and live from their highest version of self.

In my own commitment to a path of conscious living, I know how easy it is to get distracted, sidelined even, by the day to day challenges of life. I know, too, the essential role support and accountability play in staying true to this path. In the Compassionately Evolving community, we are committed to being an inspiration to one another. We are committed to making a more positive impact on our relationships, workplace, and communities. I firmly believe that the world we live in can find its way back to health and balance, and that it will be women who lead the way.

We need to form communities, to empower each other to bravely and authentically stand in our truth and be the guiding light this planet so desperately needs. I believe we are being asked by our highest selves, the divine that lives within each of us, to compassionately evolve beyond our programming, our habitual ways of responding to life. Now more than ever, feminine role models are needed to show others what is possible when we commit to living lives dedicated to dignity, integrity and most of all, love. This is a holy task and we cannot do it alone. We need each other to be able to persist in our commitment. If you feel called to be a part of this sacred vision, I invite you to join us now.

Click here for the Compassionately Evolving website (https://compassionatelyevolving.com/)

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