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Your Competitive Intelligence is Ass-Backwards - Alan Armstrong, CEO, Eigenworks

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Communitech - Jellybean Room, Main Floor

151 Charles Street West · Kitchener, ON

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Session Synopsis:

If you are a CEO, CI lead, product manager, sales or marketing leader, you will want to attend this event.

Competitive Intelligence tends to address specific needs or fill competitive knowledge gaps due to a specific situation. These situations generally pertain to learning more about wins and trying hard to avoid losses.

But where do these competitive intelligence projects start? Typically, by aiming the lens at competitors - their product features, go-to market strategy, price, and so on. Alan Armstrong will argue that this approach is backwards. Why? Because the lens should be on the buyer, not the competitor.

You need to “Start with Buy". An homage to Simon Sinek’s breakthrough book and movement Start with Why, Alan Armstrong argues that you must start in a different place, with a totally different lens. Turn that lens towards your buyers and focus on their buying behaviour and decisions.

When done correctly, CI is buyer-centric, not competitor-centric, and thus Buyer Intelligence (BI) is a critical starting place - an essential underlying framework for the CI function. BI programs can be both proactive and reactive, and are necessary to stay on top of the CI game.

Alan Armstrong will be speaking about how you and your teams can effectively initiate CI and how your buyers can reveal deep insights about your competition.

About Eigenworks:

Eigenworks specializes in buyer-centric win/loss and customer churn analysis. We deliver insights on buyer criteria, market needs, and customer requirements. By directly interviewing your buyers, we supply candid feedback that will improve your sales approach, uncover competitive intelligence, and align your strategies to market realities.

We are a local company with big ambitions that recently established a location on historic Douglas Street in Guelph. Our comp

any founder, Alan Armstrong, is a jazz saxophonist. Alan believes in the power of music and the arts, and supports many creative, community-driven projects.

Alan Armstrong Bio:

Alan Armstrong believes your customers are lying to you. They’re lying about price, competitive features, and sales performance. Well, not exactly lying – but you’re not getting the whole truth. Why? Because it’s just hard to give straight feedback, especially when it’s negative.

Alan founded Eigenworks to give B2B tech companies deep insights into the buyer’s mindset. With a few thousand interviews under their belts, Alan’s team has found the secret to get astonishingly candid, unvarnished stories that buyers would never reveal to you directly. Eigenworks clients include giants like Oracle, Blackbaud, and Cisco, and fast-growing startups such as Gainsight, Apptio, and UserZoom.

Before founding Eigenworks, Alan gained a breadth of experience in VP-level roles in product management, corporate strategy, business development, and sales. His passion for a good story is rivalled only by his love of music and playing saxophone with his jazz quartet.

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