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Computing Chaitin’s Omega

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Marcin S.
Computing Chaitin’s Omega


Do even mathematical truths violate the principle of sufficient reason? As bits in Omega number that "are true for no reason. They have the value that they do for no reason simpler than themselves"?

Let’s watch and discuss Chaitin's discoveries made within the Algorithmic Information Theory.

What knowledge would be helpful to bring to the meeting? Again, it is good to understand the fundamental concepts of Turing Machine.
For a warm-up, you may want to watch Closer to Truth episode with Gregory Chaitin [] or the lecture given during Copernicus Festival in Krakow []

Presentation will be lead by: Marcin Stepien (
Agenda: Discuss, watch videos, plan next meetings.
Goal: learn & have fun

Do you keep your favorite discovery, video, whitepaper or quote on the subject? Please, bring it to the meeting!
Coworking Rynek Główny 28
Rynek Głowny 28 · Kraków
How to find us

The meetup is on the 2cnd floor of Rynek 28 Coworking space. Please find the gate right next to the Vis à Vis Cafe, (same gate where the Harris Piano Jazz Bar is located), enter the gate, go straight to the end and get to the 2cnd floor.

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