What we're about

This is a unique empowerment and discussion group for people who wish to create healthier relationships, to attract partners with whom they are a better match, to save their relationship/ marriage or to heal from and/or let go of a toxic or unhealthy relationship. So all people, men and women, young and old, single or in relationship, are ALL welcome.

Some questions members struggle with may include--
~Would you like to view your relationships in a new and different perspective?
~Do you have difficulties making healthy choices?
~Do you want to find the reason "why" for patterns that keep repeating in your life?
~Do you find yourself attracting people who are unavailable, incapable of treating you with the love and respect you deserve?
~Do you feel unappreciated, misunderstood, or rejected?
~Are you a pretty self-aware person and yet you and your partner still get swept up in bitter fights that leave you feeling hurt and disconnected?
~Do you want to give an end to these conflicts and constant power games?

Issues like these are normal in long term relationships, and there ARE proven strategies to turn your relationship around, to experience love, intimacy, and passion again!

What's the plan?
Relationships do not need to take so much effort and pain from us.
~Let's build better connection and communication patterns
~Let's learn how to transform conflict into intimacy
~Let's learn the skills to let go of unhealthy dysfunctional relationships and attract a healthy and loving partner
~Let's heal the emotional wounds of past relationships
~Let's become truly loving and accepting of yourself and develop the ability to remain centered in the core of your being

Join us for a transformative experience while connecting with other members struggling with similar issues on a journey to creating fulfilling relationships, healing and/or letting go of unhealthy ones.

This group is facilitated by a Licenced Psychologist - Counselor and Relationship Coach, who brings her knowledge and work experience of navigating through and triumphing over the difficulties of toxic relationships and transforming them into a healthy and safe haven. Her aim is to help people be in relationships that are fulfilling and healthy, and find inner peace with themselves.
For more information: http://www.antiloneliness.com

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