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Concourse London User Group - January Meetup

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Food, Drinks, Speakers, Break time discussions, Fun.

Food and beer - we'll start off with the food and the drinks at 6.30pm. Talks will commence at 7pm.

Talk 1: Pipelines Done Right - Derik Evangelista & Diego Lemos de Resende

Pipelines are meant to be the road that will guide your team from code straight to production, automating everything on its way. Pipelines should be a source of joy for developers, the team's safe harbour. But the reality can be different, and many teams are struggling to get their pipelines right, spending time and energy fighting against automation instead of having their pipelines delivering value.

In this talk, Diego and Derik will live code a Continuous Delivery pipeline from scratch, from commit to CF push, using Concourse. During the talk, we will make use of pipeline's best practices, and explain why you should adopt them in order to make your way to production more reliable. By doing so, we will share with you how Pivotal relies on pipelines to deliver value, from developers' keyboards directly to customer's hands.

Break time discussions - Between the talks we're going to give the audience a chance to nominate a topic they'd like to talk about or bring a problem they are facing as the technology users.

Talk 2: How and Why we built our own Resource Type - Federico Figus

Concourse provides an intuitive and powerful interface to implement new resource types, and when the existing ones do not fit your use case, you should create a new one. Why? It’s simple, and you’ll get a better understanding of how Concourse work.

At Tessian, we use Concourse every day to build and ship our code to production, and we want to:
Allow all developers to deploy the applications they own to production
Define release/deploy permissions for each application
Track releases and changes
Add some safety checks to avoid human errors

In this talk, I’ll show how to create a new resource type and how we used our tool catapult to implement a resource that tracks all our releases.

Meetup Retro - An opportunity to get feedback on what went well, and what you'd like to see next time.