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Developing Presentation Confidence
Come as you are to watch us as we help each other build confidence and skills. It is especially fun to watch the improv section of the meeting.

Berkshire Hathaway Conference Center

2860 E Thousand Oaks Blvd · Thousand Oaks, CA

What we're about

Successful Leaders like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Elon Musk have learned to present their great ideas in small group settings first. Warren Buffett states that being confident in presentations can be worth 20% more each year in your income. Join us to see how our small group can help you build a successful personal life or career.

Getting ahead in business isn't always about your education, experience and connections. It's important to put forth a professional attitude at all times. Since the art of doing business often involves communicating -- in person, on the phone and in email -- writing and communication skills are essential for business success and promotion.

Presentation Skills - As you move up, you will have to do occasional presentations, from a product presentation to a large group to a one-on-one of your ideas to your boss. First, focus on areas that can make the other person's life easier. Be concise. State what you can do for them, then respond to questions or concerns.

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