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At Cornerstone Energetics, we believe that spiritual fitness is essential to living a life filled with peace, contentment, and joy! Just as you would work out your body to keep it in shape, so, too, must you work out your spirit to keep it strong and keep you feeling vibrant and healthy.

Studies (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/feeling-it/201608/the-surprising-health-benefits-spirituality) have shown that people who have a spiritual practice incorporated into their daily routine are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and are more likely to have a greater sense of purpose, healthier immune systems, and more clear and positive thoughts.

Spiritual FITNESS is the CORNERSTONE of a strong body and mind. They must all be in balance with one another to create the greatest potential. If one of these parts is out of balance, it may create stress, discontent, and a higher risk for physical injury or mental distress.

Just as one would work out at the gym for their physical health or exercise their mind with a challenging puzzle, it’s also important to connect with the Universe and receive spiritual energy to keep one’s SOUL strong and healthy. Meditation, learning positive thinking techniques, personal coaching, and receiving work from an energy practitioner are all great ways to achieve balance within yourself and in your life. At Cornerstone Energetics, we provide all of these services in person in Ohio; through online classes; and one-on-one energy and coaching sessions that can be received from anywhere in the world!

Real Results

Our mission is to provide a pathway for all students, from beginner to advanced, to reach their desired spiritual health goals to become the person you always knew you are! Through many years of study, the founders of Cornerstone Energetics have found what works and what doesn’t to create a series of courses that can provide the serious student with real results.


In our Foundations courses, learn the daily practices and habits needed to achieve your spiritual health goals with fun, interactive classes in a variety of styles and modes, so you can find your own path. All of the classes are spiritually-based and can be added to any religious or non-religious practice.

Building Blocks

For those who are interested in raising their vibrational frequencies, another term for becoming a more positive and LIGHTer being, we offer Building Blocks classes and energy sessions that help to connect you with the God-force/Source/Universe in a concise and profound way; remove energy blockages from your energetic circulatory system; spiritual contract clearings; and get your energy systems prepared for the SHIFT into Unity Consciousness, the frequency of Unconditional LOVE. There are also half-day, weekend, and online classes to learn to run the energy on yourself and others.


In the Capstone program, take yourself as high as you want to go by learning advanced spiritual practices, such as shadow work, claiming your sovereignty, and preparing for Ascension; activation and connection with the Collective Consciousness; Ascension Mechanics; discovering your Soul Mission; and helping others to activate their higher dimensional Lightbodies and raise the frequency of the entire planet!


Students also benefit from group support in our secret Facebook group page, where you can ask all your questions in a safe environment and receive answers from the founders of Cornerstone Energetics. There are also blogs and monthly podcasts with messages from the Founders and the latest information on the Ascension Wave front.There is no limit to your spiritual success, and our mission is to make your journey fun and exciting and your spiritual goals attainable. When you are at peak spiritual fitness, everything in your life will seem easier and brighter, and the world will be a more loving place.

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