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To my fellow citizens:

As a nation we all feel the unease that comes with the disenfranchising of the body politic. Something is wrong and although we may not be able to exactly put our finger on the problem we do know that our government is failing to serve the nation as it becomes further beholden to the donor class. We all feel the unseen economic weight being thrust upon everyone of us who cannot afford six figure gifts given to curry favor by the donor/Wall Street class.

Couple the reality that we no longer have representatives who are serving the people with the fact that the world is changing fast and it's no wonder that we're seeing such hatred and animosity beginning to flourish on the fringes of politics. However, that does not detract from our shared responsibility to the nation, our state, our communities, our neighbors, and our friends/families to be an informed and proactive citizenry.

Let's get together to discuss the issues facing our nation.

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