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Confessional prayer groups we will split this meetup into small groups of 3 or 4 people. This group is not of a specific faith tradition.

Confession changes relationships.

In a small-group setting, walls come down when everyone walks in the light. But this doesn’t just happen. We must choose to set aside our pride and talk openly about sin. Initially, this talk feels uncomfortable, but the sooner we confess to one another, the sooner grace-fueled relationships characterize the group.
Honest confession melts away the mirage that certain people are “better.” It enables us to live on the level ground, rather than in the false worlds of comparison, guilt, pride, and condemnation. Confession—or a lack thereof—also flows from each person’s walk in life.
Are your relationships grounded in the truth? Or are you skirting around issues—especially sin? Pursue grace-fueled, honest relationships by praying about and practicing confession with greater intentionality. Small-group members learned to trust one another as a result of confession.

Confession changes us.

Most importantly, confession spurs spiritual growth. Confession and repentance are an integral part of making progress in the life.

Confession and repentance are an integral part of making progress in life.
We help one another grow by confessing specific sins and being open to feedback, teaching, even grace-filled rebuke. When we value small-group confession, we ultimately value transformation. In our age of “authenticity” and “vulnerability,” let’s delight in confession. Without it—and especially when we avoid it—we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. But with it, we enjoy grace-filled relationships, Word-filled prayer, and full lives.

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