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Build your confidence, make amazing things happen in your life, meet new people and feel alive!

Join us now for frequent coffee meetings, free coaching sessions, short courses for £10, and full and comprehensive paid long term coaching workshops to help you be free of anxiety, lack of self esteem or confidence and some adventures/activities, social meetings and social networking:

1. Terrifying social activities (e.g. skydiving!)
2. Live public speaking at Speakers Corner!
3. Kick starting your life with coaching workshops and programmes!

4. Defy the odds and win in business!

5. Career that matters (donkey or passionate pioneer?)

About us:
We are a confidence and self-esteem training provider. We coach people to accomplish the things that are most important to them with confidence and full self esteem, whatever the circumstances. This could be career development, changing careers, starting a business, getting into a relationship, developing a social life or anything else which matters to people.

The idea is to create a community which will give you the strong push you need to move, while creating a very supportive, nurturing environment for you to produce powerful results that are beyond what you could accomplish on your own.

Our vision is that all human beings experience aliveness and freedom and take responsibility for the world that they want to live in.

Our Mission Transforming lives and developing leaders with a purpose.

Our Purpose To support people to accomplish the things that are most important to them, whatever the circumstances.

This could be career development, changing career, starting a business, getting into a relationship, developing a social life or anything else which matters to people.

We as a community will give you the strong push you need to move, while creating a very supportive, nurturing environment for you to produce powerful results that are beyond what you could accomplish on your own.



Hello my name is Claire!

Having experienced first hand the effects of poor mental health, the vulnerability and struggles that come with it, and having successfully found ways to manage it, I now fully support and know from personal experience and from peers, that people who have suffered hardships can hold the key to positive change in others.

As a DJ, in the past I have struggled to manage my confidence, low self-esteem, along with hard working hours, and a very deranged body clock, all of which contributed to my Anxiety, but I'm now happy to say over the past year I have had some great achievements, both with my work and my everyday life in general.

The journey of overcoming my issues with Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Low Self Esteem and Depression, has not been an easy one, but one I am now proud of and willing and eager to share with others. In order to get to this point I took part in a leadership and personal effectiveness training programme with Ken & Chris, where I received practical training on personal effectiveness, leadership skills, public speaking skills, coaching and mentoring skills, project management skills and conflict resolution, which has led me on to becoming a Life Coach myself.

I am also incredibly keen and passionate about the inclusion of those who are not personally affected but have friends and family who also require support and further education and understanding of the issues people face.

I am committed to helping other people to overcome their issues, in a safe and nonjudgemental environment.


Hello my name is Justin and I have suffered with a lot of social anxiety I would say most of my life without fully realizing the impact it was having on my life until after the break up of a relationship in 2013.

It wasn't until this relationship breakup that I realized something had to change. I couldn't go on living life this way because I was fed up of hiding and pretending. This was a turning point in my life and it spurred me onto a journey of self discovery and healing.

I discovered meetup in 2013 and an anxiety support group called 'Leading Light' which really opened my eyes because I was able to see that I was not alone and there were many supportive people who were experiencing similar issues to me. I then started to challenge myself by hosting meetups and eventually became the organizer of the group. I also challenged myself more and more in all areas of my life.

Today my relationship with my anxiety has changed. Do I still experience moments where anxiety hits me? Most definitely yes and that is okay. It hasn't been an easy journey but I am thankful for what it has taught me. I am now passionate about supporting other people on their journey and helping them to break free of their anxiety, shyness and low confidence.

I also love playing tennis, walking in nature, keeping fit at the gym, cooking and I am passionate about nutritional health.


My name is Chris, I used to be incredibly shy and anxious in social situations, and self-conscious of my eczema.

In 2010 after a particularly unpleasant time I really took on the challenge of starting to live my life my way and take my life on, so I joined a coaching group that Ken was running in Central London. While coming into London and making a great group of new friends I also developed myself personally using a few tools and techniques Ken was coaching people on. Through this work I began to take on the things I was really passionate about. I talked a lot about going into politics but never did anything about it. I talked a lot about wanting to be in a relationship but I didn't do anything about it. So I committed to it and took on being a politician and taking on the rest of my life as well.

In 2014 Local Elections I was elected as a Councilor in Kingston, SW London. Since then I have left full time employment to spend more time out in the community, working on projects that interest me, and leading workshops. I'm really passionate about other people getting freed up from the things that stop them and taking on their lives. And yes now I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman I also met through this work.


Hi my name is Ken, In 1984 I arrived in UK as a student from Sri Lanka, fresh faced and shy with a high burden of expectation by my parents, I was called an alien and it was very alienating and failing all my exams because I was dyslexic which I didn’t know at the time, was hard to deal with failure after failure followed with some successes and I became more and more withdrawn, shy and alone. Then, in 1995, I did a course which changed my life, instead of being a victim of my circumstances I decided to take on my problems head on and over time became a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and a coach. In April 2010 I was offered an opportunity to create some workshops for a local voluntary organization supporting people with shyness, anxiety, low self esteem and depression and it grew from 4 people in the 1st session to hundreds of people participating in my workshops and permanently altered the lives of many people out of shyness, social anxiety and depression until December 2011. I realised then that the material and practices I am creating can have a big impact in transforming anyone’s life and I wanted to make an income from this work and do it full time. I separated from that company and set up on my own in January 2012 and in 6 years it has grown quite strongly. Now we coach professionals in business, careers, and life to make life work and be leaders and produce amazing results.

We started this new meetup group 3 years ago because we wanted to get back to where we started from and do what we did then, as in the current form of my company, coaching is aimed at the commercial market. We want to create this group to meet up with people who would like to deal with their self esteem and confidence issues and meet regularly and support them to overcome those issues and start helping people to live productive, fulfilled lives by creating programmes, events and opportunities for people to participate in.

I am confident and at ease running two businesses and networking with other confident and successful business leaders. I am 52 but going on 40, I travel the world and love socialising with a great group of friends I've met over the years from coaching, and organising terrifying social activities like sky-diving and just meeting people which used to terrify me more than sky-diving, but not now!

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