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{{{ We're doing many online events for now - as long as the corona virus situation continues. We do this as a service to all of you who are stuck at home looking for options for networking, leading edge personal development, continued support and building your community. }}}

Welcome! We are a community of changemakers coming together as a collective to tap into the power of intuitive strategies at all levels so we can bring in high performance, balance and authentic power - that translates to success and confidence in every area of life!

Performance includes productivity and focus. A balanced life is one where you have bandwidth, freedom and capacity for all that is important and joyful for you. Authentic power is an honest approach to having all of this in your life with systems and structures... and more importantly, the inner psychology, spirituality and mindset to make it seamless and aligned.

We provide the following:
1. Educational and training events to help you attain the above.
2. Social and networking events to help you connect with other joyful and inquisitive people.
3. And much more!

Please join our group and RSVP to our next event as soon as possible.

See you very soon!
Archanaa, Sunil, Becky, Glenda, Co-Organizers

About Your Organizers:

(*) Archanaa Shyam ( https://www.archanaashyam.com )

Her genius is helping You Own Your Power, Success & Confidence from within so you experience calm, peace & harmony in every area of your life. As an Intuitive Visionary Strategist, she works with stressed-out high performers who are feeling stuck – helping them create a joyful & stress-less future for them.

She is also a Master Sacred Space Creator, Shamanic Medical Intuitive, Elemental Alchemist, Crystal Keeper, Master Energy Conduit & Evangelist for Organic Living - her healing approach is unique and personalized for each client.

(*) Sunil Bhaskaran is the founder of the Global Business Mastermind - a membership of generous and ambitious visionaries in business who are up to collaborating to build huge audiences not just locally but globally as well. He is the owner of the largest small business non-tech meetup community with over 120,000+ business owners and professionals spread out over major cities in the US and in the UK. He has been a business, marketing & leadership adviser and mentor since 1991 and has published two books on Amazon whilst giving and receiving support from his beautiful wife, Glenda Benevides - a musical producer/singer/songwriter.

Upcoming events (1)

Dark & Organic Chocolate Tasting and Mini Nutrition Demo by the Fountain!

Dark & Organic Chocolate Tasting and Mini Nutrition Demo by the Fountain!

Improve Your Health and Enjoy Your Chocolate Too!

July 27, 2021,[masked]pm

Where: Hands on Healing Chiropractic office, in outdoor atrium surrounding the fountain.

Price: Free!!

VERY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST RSVP, (MAX NUMBER OF 13 PEOPLE) to insure we have enough chocolate for everyone. This is an outdoor event, and you must socially distance and wear a mask (except when tasting).

From this event you will:
• Have a welcome respite from stress….. to unwind, while nibbling on healthy chocolate
• Experience personal muscle testing and marvel at your body’s amazing wisdom
• Discover a specific pathway for you to achieve amazing health
• Envision what your future health could be like, having breakthroughs in your quality of life: your health, sleep, and energy levels with nutrition testing and supplementation
• Dream about your future, when you can do what you LOVE to do in your life, without your body stopping you.

Hosted by Dr. Deb Sampair (me), whose commitment is to provide a fun, safe and unique space to relax, nibble chocolate, and expand your knowledge on the body’s intelligence! I invite you to come for that reason and I look forward to meeting each of you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at[masked].
Dr. Deb Sampair
Chiropractor, Certified Applied Clinical Nutrition

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