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Are you a woman entrepreneur who knows there is much more to your life than you have been living? Do you dream of making a big impact with your business, but you hold yourself back due to fears and lack of confidence? Do you know you were put on this planet for so much more than you are currently living? You are NOT alone! This group is for women entrepreneurs who have a big calling and are ready to step up and into that calling, to bust through those fears, build your confidence, and thrive. The world needs you and your message, so come be supported, empowered, and let your light shine like the brilliant woman you are. The more confidence you have, the bigger impact you can make, in the world and your bank account.

Watch this video on how Confidence and your income are directly related... https://youtu.be/-vz7J1r41CU

This group is a community. A community of women who are building their confidence, supporting one another in their goals, dreams and aspirations. Come each month as we build relationships with one another, learn how to break through blocks, and transform from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies, so that we can all make a much bigger impact in the world, together.

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I look forward to connecting with you!

With Purpose and Passion,

Erin Summ


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