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Is your teen having a hard time dealing with the pressures of school, friends, and social media? Are they being bullied or feeling out of place in other ways? Do they escape into their own world and have a hard time making friends or communicating with you about how they are feeling? Is your teen addicted to social media, video games, drugs, alcohol or porn? Are they depressed or do they feel all alone? Is your teen a genius but is failing school? Do they have extraordinary talents in art or music? Your teen may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or empath, or have special gifts that are unidentified or misunderstood.

Join this meetup to meet other parents with kids that are having similar feelings or challenges. Share your journey, what has helped and what hasn't. Find support and connection with other parents who share your concerns.

And bring your teen as an opportunity for them to meet other kids that can relate to how they feel. I initially created this group for parents but quickly realized that the kids need support as well, not only from each other, but especially from us. Let's create a space where they can feel comfortable opening up and sharing their stories. We need to collectively hold space for them to feel heard and understood.

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