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Challenge of Change Retreat

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The Challenge of Change Retreat:
Discovering where I really fit with myself, my loved ones and my community, requires a commitment to change.

There is one consistency in life -- change. Our ability to respond to and promote change is key to feeling secure. In many ways Religion and Society teaches us to resist change. Everything we experience through our lives shows us that change is however, the very nature of our life here on earth. Seasons change, children grow, weather shifts, life ceases and new life is born. Without change we would be standing still, where we began.

All of us have learned to respond or react to change from those who were around us during our early years. Our concepts and beliefs about change were formed within us before we even understood the nature of change. Examining how we view change with either anticipation or dread can assist us in beginning to adapt more beneficial systems within our minds to enjoy the ever changing universe.
Take the time to examine your thought habits about change to clear the way in front of you for added confidence, clarity and inner security. This 2-day retreat offers a sanctuary for reflection, healing and celebration of the opportunity to live your life in alliance with change.

Location: Private Residence Warrenton, VA
Investment: $95

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