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What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in pursuing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. All skill levels are welcome. Expertise and pre-requirements for specific events will otherwise be specified separately. We do hands-on projects, Kaggle challenges, Open AI challenges and provide career mentoring session. Additionally, we also organize a series of AI movie nights and everyone is welcome to attend (even if you are not pursuing a career in AI). 

We all have a lot of awesome ideas but we keep procrastinating, need an extra hand or can’t find the right time/motivation to execute. This is a space to be accountable for each other and execute our side projects. The codes and intellectual property of these projects will belong solely to the creators and not ConnectAITogether. 

What is ConnectAITogether ?

This organization is started to connect AI enthusiasts, job seekers, hiring managers, academics and professionals. We intend to help you execute your AI or ML specific hobby projects. 

We are dedicated to easing your learning and also facilitate your job search and career building. We intend to bring hiring managers and passionate job seekers a step closer and understand each others’ needs better.

Our mission is to facilitate an understanding of AI as an interdisciplinary field and acknowledgement that advancement in this field requires an understanding of Mathematics, Neuroscience, Computer science, Social Sciences and Humanities. We are driven to reaching the Third Wave of Artificial Intelligence and learn more and more.

For ConnectAITogether to know you better 

Please fill this out

For members who want to work on specific hobby projects and have other cool ideas (like openai gym, microsoft's coco image challenge etc), please inbox me at or I will work on facilitating group formation and providing resources

More about ConnectAITogether Meetup 

On Sundays we work on Hands-on Challenges. On other days, we communicate via Slack/emails. Once the members find their sub team, they are encouraged to meet with their teammates at other times upon needed. 

Featured Events

Occasionally, we also organize free events/workshops like, “What not to do during a data science interview”, “A quantitative and qualitative look at Kaggle team performance”, “How to get started with Machine Learning”, “What is the best way to find jobs in AI? “, “Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Fireside chat with experts”, ”An overview of Turing Test”, “Let’s create a free personal website together”, "Using Google Colab and free GPU " , "Three Waves of AI", " Artificial Neural Nets and Biological Neural nets" , etc.

The events are planned based on the requirements of regular members. We will also partner with multiple local meetups, conferences and companies to make efficient use of the resources around us.

Our greater goal is to work towards DARPA's lifelong learning machine. Every initiative is a step ahead in that.

We intend to put an umbrella to the limitless resources available through the community (Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, BU, Google-Cambridge, Cambridge Innovation Center, ODSC, and other conferences) and resources online.  Moreover, our most important goal is to learn from each other (individuals).

Do I have to be a expert in Machine Learning ?

Nope ! It's okay if you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert. We would love for all to join.

Do I need a CS or Math/Stats Major?

Nope! You don't have to be a Computer Science or Math major. Chemistry, Biology, Finance, Neuroscience, Philosophy, History , Fine arts or any other major or age group is welcome. All we want is a passion to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (at your own pace)!

Oops, I don't have a college degree?

It's okay ! We would love for you to join!

Will there be subgroups? 

Yup. Within the meetup, we will be forming sub teams who will be working towards different projects to make the process more efficient! However, it's an open space and we will all be learning from each other so we have a general Slack as well. The main purpose of subgrouping is to make it easier for people to focus on a specific major project at a time.

Our goal is to become friends and learn as friends.

***Please note that we take pictures at events for our records and for use in Social Media and advertising materials. By registering for this event, you gave your permission for your image to be used in such materials. If you are not comfortable with this, please let our leaders know and we can accommodate you.

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