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ConnectU London (www.connectulondon.com) is a not for profit one day workshop, aimed at helping ambitious and goal oriented people create stronger connections with the people they care about.

The event will start at 11:00am on Saturday 8th February 2020, at London Academy of Excellence, Lilywhite House, 780 High Road, London, N17 0BX.

We have a powerful lineup of speakers who are experts around the topic of connection. Details can be found here: https://connectulondon.com/speakers

Ticket price is £75 for the full day, this is a Not For Profit Event. All profits will be going to our selected charities on our website. To buy a ticket, and for other details, visit www.connectulondon.com

We believe that you don’t have to give up on your dreams to create balance, that you don’t have to let your goals slide to prioritise connection in your life, and that you can have both the success, and the drive, and the deep and meaningful connections in your life at the same time. During the event, we will show you how.

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