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🏆 What is ConnectX ?
ConnectxGlobal is Global Community dedicated to empowering and nurturing the entrepreneurial community and building networks that drive collaboration In emerging territories. We connect people in real life with our meetups world widely to learning and sharing some resources, networks for entrepreneurs and leaders. 🚀

The Numbers:
- 2 years
- 9 cities
- 200 events
- 250 community partners (advocacy & media organizations)
- 5,000 attendees
- 100 Leaders from all other the world
- 130 in our fellowship program
- 1,500 Early adopters

These talks are meant to provide insights and actionable advice across all areas of entrepreneurship - Diversity and Inclusion, HR, Growth Hacking , UX/UI design,A.I !Each talk is followed by a cocktail to give you a chance to meet other game changer. 🚀

This group is for all the innovation lovers who want to get their hands dirty and build amazing scalable companies. We invite entrepreneurs & leaders from all other the world and Silicon Valley to share their experiences on stage.

At ConnectX, we believe innovation can come from anywhere. We connect leaders with world class organization to change the world.

Come help us to disrupt this Planet! 😉

with CARE 💌

The ConnectX Team.

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Meet the ConnectX Team and Fellows About ConnectX http://angel.co/connectxglobal

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A Global Approach to Inclusion and Diversity How to branch diversity outside the US Any rising start-up has the potential of being Global and the consumer landscape must be embraced and validated within a company. With the customer base rapidly changing, access, preferences, and dependability are always evolving. To keep up with demand and a competitive advantage, American business must honor an inclusive model. The same groups of people Globally who are your new customers, they must be represented in your firm. In order to Business must be open and willing to ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles to maximize business. Be one of the few exclusive attendees at this capped event, as ConnectXGlobal comes to San Francisco. May 29th , 2018 at Wework. This ConnectX Conference is one day of discussion and networking to bridge the gap between the U.S. & the rest of the entrepreneur world. Learn from experts of their field who are actively cultivating cultures, retaining talent, producing higher productivity, engaging with a larger customer base and naturally producing innovative solutions. Now more than ever to be Global and stay relevant, innovation is not an option; it’s a business imperative. TOPICS INCLUDE Hear from experts and active professionals on the topics ranging from: A Global Approach to Inclusion and Diversity How to create inclusive products? How can underrepresented communities raise capital? Why diversity matters in A.I? AGENDA Introduction - 6:00 pm Fireside Conference - 6:30 pm Panel - 7:00 pm Networking - 8:00 pm [masked] See you in San Francisco! Team Connectx Global

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