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Connected Data is about using the relationships, meaning and context in Data to achieve great things.

Technologies and methodologies on the intersection of enterprise knowledge graphs, graph databases, metadata, semantics, knowledge management, governance, linked data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After establishing itself as the go-to event for all the above in London, now in Berlin.

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Towards a knowledge-based economy | Sept. 23 - Online Meetup #3 | Enterprise KGs

Register here: 👉 https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/ --- Dear CDL community, We hope you are safe, healthy and well - rested, with some quality down-time behind you, or better yet, ahead of you. 3 months after "the Connectors" Online Meetup, we come to bring you hope ... and knowledge graphs. Knowledge graphs have become an iconic technology trend for a reason. Knowledge graphs exemplify the emphasis on knowledge, and connections. In the current state of the economy, knowledge-based and remotely delivered activities have an advantage over service-based ones requiring real-world interaction. In our 3rd Online Meetup, we have 3 talks from leaders and innovators on how Knowledge Graphs can catalyze Digital Transformation and AI in the Enterprise and beyond. Join us on September the 23rd! And of course; Stay safe, stay connected, join us! The CDL Team - Talks - 🤖 Data Revolution: The Emergence of the Decentralized Enterprise Knowledge Graph | https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/talks/decentralized-enterprise-knowledge-graph/ An AI tsunami is on the rise, and the past few months have only amplified it. To survive it and thrive in tomorrow’s economy, organizations big and small must rethink the way they do business. To do this, a radical shift in the way they work with their data is needed. And no, we don’t mean Big Data. By now, most organizations have gotten their Big Data. And that is a problem. Not because we can’t accommodate Big Data, but because the more data you have, the harder it becomes to connect it and use it. We need to go beyond Big Data, towards Connected Data. 🤖 The future of AI in the Enterprise: Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs for Data-Centric Organizations | https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/talks/knowledge-graphs-for-data-centric-organizations/ Personalized medicine. Predictive call centers. Digital twins for IoT. Predictive supply chain management, and domain-specific Q&A applications. These are just a few AI-driven applications organizations across a broad range of industries are deploying. Graph databases and Knowledge Graphs are now viewed as a must-have by Enterprises serious about leveraging AI and predictive analytics within their organization. 🤖 Knowledge Graphs for Data Integrity, Innovation and Digitalisation in Professional Services | https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/talks/knowledge-graphs-in-professional-services/ What is the evolution of data and how prepared are we for this? Big Data and AI technologies have already established their presence in almost every industry; the circumstances have now matured to bring forward Data Integrity. But how will this be achieved? Engine B’s solution is to bring a universal open source platform based on Knowledge Graphs to enable background data knowledge and flexible search, and uncover hidden data and risk management purposes. Full Schedule here: 👉 https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/schedule/ 👈 - Speakers - 💻 Tony Seale, Information Architect | https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/speakers/tony-seale/ 💻 Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc | https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/speakers/jans-aasman/ 💻 Symeon Vasileiadis, Knowledge Engineer at Engine B | https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/speakers/symeon-vasileiadis/ --- *** Meetup sponsored by Franz Inc - https://franz.com/ , the industry leading Graph Database for Knowledge Graph solutions and common Lisp technologies. *** *** Missed the live action? That’s fine – register and catch the replays anytime 👉 https://enterprise-kg-cdl-online-meetup.heysummit.com/ ***

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