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London Meetup for all interested in Connected Data technologies and developments. This includes Graph Database, Linked Data, semantics, Knowledge Representation and AI experts, users, enthusiasts and newbies.

Topics at meetups so far have included:

- Linked Data in publishing, Financial Services & Telecoms

- Knowledge Representation and Explainable AI

- Graph Databases in Financial Crime & Product Recommendations

- Knowledge Management

- Ontology development & Data Modelling

- Network analysis in Bioinformatics

At the 9th meetup we tried to agree a simple description for the group to help clarify the topics that we typically discuss:

“Connected Data is a collection of related Disciplines & Technologies where the relationships, rules, structure, meaning & context are treated as first class citizens”.

The group also has an annual London conference which attracts thought leaders from around the world - this year's conference is on 16th November at the IET in Central London - see the website here: http://connected-data.london (http://connected-data.london/video-gallery/)

Upcoming events (5+)


In lieu of June's physical meetup we have an upcoming remote webinar approaching with Tigergraph who will be speaking about some of their work in Financial Crime. You can register for this using the signup form below: https://connected-data.london/2019/05/01/how-graphs-continue-to-revolutionise-the-prevention-of-financial-crime-fraud-in-real-time/ Description: Financial crime prevention is something that affects everyone in one way or another. From the Deutsche Banks of the world to small and medium online merchants, regulations for anti-money laundering, know your customer, and customer due diligence apply. Failing to comply with such regulations can bring on substantial fines. Even more importantly, it can hurt the bottom line and reputation of businesses, having far-reaching side effects. Complying with such regulations, and actively cracking down on financial crime, however, is not easy. Cross-referencing interconnected data across various datasets, and trying to apply detection rules and to discover patterns in the data is complicated. It takes expertise, effort, and the right technology to be able to do this efficiently. A natural and efficient way of looking for patterns and applying rules in troves of interconnected data is to model and view that data as a graph. By modeling data as a graph, and applying graph-based algorithms such as PageRank or Centrality, traversing paths, discovering connections and getting insights becomes possible. Graphs and graph databases are the fastest-growing area of data management technology for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is because they are a perfect match for use cases involving interconnected data. Queries that would be very complicated to express and very slow to execute using relational databases or other NoSQL database technology, are feasible using graph databases. With the rise in complexity of modern financial markets, financial crimes require going 4 to 11 levels deep into the account – payment graph: this requires a different solution than either relational or NoSQL databases. How are organizations such as Alibaba, OpenCorporates, and Visa using graph database technology to not just stay on top of regulation, but be one step ahead in the race against financial crime? Is it possible to do this in real time? What do graph query languages have to do with this? For answers to those questions, and more, join some of the world’s Graph database leading experts in our Connected Data London live webinar on June 5, 9 am PT / 12pm ET / 4 pm BST / 6 pm CET, sponsored by TigerGraph.

Meetup title TBC

Skills Matter | Code Node

We have Joe Depeau of Neo4j speaking about some of his work at this meetup - title, description & bio to follow. We are looking for another speaker. If you are interested in speaking please do get in touch with us. As usual doors open at 6.30 with talks starting at 7.

August meetup - speakers required

Skills Matter | Code Node

We have an August meetup scheduled but currently no speakers - please let us know if youre willing to speak about anything related to graphs, semantics, AI, Knowledge Representation, NLP, Reasoning etc.! We'd love to hear from you!

September meetup - speakers required!

Skills Matter | Code Node

We have a september meetup scheduled but no speakers at present. Please let us know if you'd be interested in speaking about anything to do with Graphs, NLP, Linked Data, Semantic Technology, AI or any other related topic!

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