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Containers and Serverless Computing in Azure - John Mutchek

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Containers and Serverless Computing in Azure

Many modern applications are being developed using a new generation of technologies such as Docker containers and serverless microservices. John will lead a discussion on these technologies and how they can be implemented in a cloud environment such as Azure.

Please note that we have a new venue for this meeting. See Below.

About the Presenter

John Mutchek joined Microsoft in 2007 and has spent the past four years helping enterprise organizations adopt and execute on a cloud first strategy in Azure. With a focus on application modernization and the developer experience as cornerstones of a successful cloud strategy, John has helped dozens of organizations take their first steps into the cloud. Prior to joining Microsoft, he spent over 15 years in IT as a developer and enterprise architect in the defense, utility, and financial services industries. Today, John’s focus is on transforming the way we think about application design and development for next generation, digital businesses.

We have a new meeting venue!

ADNET Technologies in Farmington has generously provided space for CTDOTNET monthly meetings for the past several years. We are extremely grateful for their generous support of the group and thank their staff for helping facilitate our events.

This year, we will be meeting in a new co-working space called SPACES, located in Blue Back Square in West Hartford. More information about the new location will follow shortly. Stay tuned.


We are grateful to SPACES for providing a venue for our meetings.
Food and beverage is provided by R J Ohlheiser, Inc.
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