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Digital Photography [Understanding Your Camera]
If you are new to your Digital Camera, you probably are a bit confused by all its buttons, levers, displays, and menus. And, most likely, you are finding the camera's instruction manual of little help. In this seminar, all the major camera controls will be identified and defined, including the… Shutter Button Aperture Dial ISO Setting Diopter Control Quick Control Screen Shooting Modes RAW vs JPG Settings Drive Modes Auto-focus Modes Focusing Points White Balancing Control Where they are located on your camera and what they do will be thoroughly explained. As importantly, the specific settings you need to apply immediately before taking each picture will be clearly explained as well. You will receive a handout when arriving to class. It contains lots of information and diagrams, and will greatly simplify the process of understanding your camera's controls. You should bring your digital camera to this seminar, along with the camera's instruction manual (important). Also, be sure you have a full charge on your camera battery (also very important). This seminar is paired with two other Meetup seminars I’m teaching, each also a single three-hour session: Digital Photography [The Basics] Digital Photography [Creating Great Images] To receive a sound fundamental understanding of digital photography, I strongly recommend completing all three seminars. When I teach for various art centers, community colleges, and local towns, these are the three areas I include in my Beginning Digital Photography course, which runs for a total of 9 - 12 hours over a period of 3 - 4 weeks. These three specific seminars will be repeated at later dates. Therefore, if you cannot get to one, you can take it at another time. Also, the seminars can be taken in any order. And no prerequisites are required. Please note that no refunds are allowed unless the seminar is canceled. Also, switching from one seminar to another is not allowed. I need to know the exact number of attendees in a seminar to determine whether or not I can afford to run it. We will be meeting in the café at the Glastonbury Barnes & Noble Bookstore. My cell phone number is 860-712-7098. You might want to bring a light sweater. Some people find the place a little cool at times. Hope to see you there!!

Barnes and Noble

175 Glastonbury Blvd · Glastonbury, CT


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This group was created for those wanting to learn more about all aspects of photography. It is open to photographers of all levels... absolute beginners, true photographic masters, and everyone else in-between.

The Connecticut Photography Workshops Meetup is run by Peter Glass, a local professional photographer. He has over 25 years of experience shooting commercial and editorial assignments, and is a nonstop creator of stock photography images ( (

However, the majority of his time these days is spent working either one-to-one or with small groups as a photography teacher, consultant, or mentor. He also designs and teaches photography classes and workshops for local towns, art centers, libraries, and community colleges. More information can be found at ( And you can sign-up for his occasional yet very informative newsletters HERE (

This group is a kind of digital photography school, offering classes of interest to people of all skill levels. The sessions are small in size, affordable, and informative. Many are very hands-on. Comprehensive handouts are distributed in most classes to ensure that only a minimal amount of note-taking by students is necessary. The instructor encourages questions during classes and makes sure all material is well understood by the end of each session.

Suggestions from members and involvement by them are greatly encouraged. Please realize that this is the place not only to beef-up your photography knowledge and skills, but also to mix and work with a great group of like-minded photographers.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you, and to doing some great photography work together!!

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