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Tarot is a wonderful tool for personal growth and introspection, as well as divination and building community and fellowship. Join us for local, in person, workshops, meetings, classes and events, as well as occasional webinars and online events.
Christiana Gaudet is the author of Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide, and has presented at Northwest Tarot Symposium and other prominent tarot conferences. Don't miss this opportunity to meet and work with one of the leading names in tarot today!

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Tarot Magic Members-only Livestream on YouTube

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Members of Christiana Gaudet Tarot on YouTube are invited to this exclusive livestream tarot class.
In this class you will learn to use the energy of tarot cards to manifest your desires, release what does not serve you, and call on your spiritual helpers.
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Global Tarot Circle on YouTube Live

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Spend an hour with the tarot, and with tarot friends around the world. We will share readings, and informal tarot study.
Global Tarot Circle has been meeting monthly for a decade. Now we are on YouTube Live. Please join us there!
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The Second Seven Major Arcana Cards Webinar on YouTube Live

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Whether you are a tarot beginner, expert, or anywhere in between you will get a lot of exciting information in this tarot card deep dive. Christiana will share the stories, spiritual lessons, and mundane interpretations for the second seven numbered cards of the Major Arcana, Strength through Temperance. Within these seven cards you will find lessons of your own emotional growth, and of our shared human experience.
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