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CONNECTING COURAGEOUS WOMEN IN BUSINESS is Brisbane's community of passionate inspiring wholehearted women entrepreneurs and business owners shimmying through the barriers to create the businesses, the lives and the world they want!!

We are small business owners, online businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, startups, professionals, nonprofit organisers and more.

We are passionate about being unstoppable on our terms in making the difference we want - taking our businesses, our wealth and our lives to new levels of success - and having a heap of fun while doing it.

We are sisters who support and are a stand for our our own and others' magnificence. We get together once a month and explore winning strategies and share cutting-edge ideas, all while inspiring each other in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Plus, we having a heap of fun doing it!

Our community is characterised by women who are

→ Courageous and passionate
→ Wanting to grow their network and meet like-minded people
→ Building on their knowledge to grow to their full potential
→ Spirited and driven
→ Forward thinkers
→ Motivated for change
→ Craving new skill and industry edge
→ Interested in deep diving authentic conversations and connections.
→ Always seeking new opportunities with the aim to excel from day to day
→ Who want to stand out and aspire to take their business to the next level
→ Wanting to leave the world a better place.
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Why being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur is a Super Power : Not a Flaw!

Why Being a HIGHLY SENSITIVE ENTREPRENEUR is a SUPERPOWER - not a Flaw!!!! Ever been told "You're just too sensitive?" Once upon a time, I thought that being a highly sensitive person (a scientifically recognised personality trait) was a flaw. However I've since discovered that it's more of a superpower! Our next Guest Speaker has explored this area and speaks from personal experience AND as an entrepreneur. She will be delighted to share about how having this personality trait has helped her succeed as a business owner, Plus gain 5x key tips to help people thrive DESPITE struggling with overt sensitivity. You're bound to love this! So join us online, with one of the most scintillating, welcoming and down to earth group of Connecting Courageous Women in Business you'll ever experience! BOOK NOW!

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Finding Your Inner Worth and Deserving Without Apologising

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