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This is the second edition of a New Series of Events brought to you by Clarity for Charity(TM). Every event includes a networking opportunity for business professionals, entreprenuers, power couples, successful singles and an interactive evening of networking hosted by a person of influence who works intimately with charitable causes. A percenatage of each ticket from each of these events will be donated to a specific cause. Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Sports and Arts Foundation, which creates after-school programs for over 25,000 children from the inner cities of America. Kinja Dixon is the first person that we are teaming up with, After the initial POWER networking opportunity he will also be taking the audience through a brief interactive and engaging performance that delivers a 3 step process that gives the tools to unlock the doors to any form of limitation. Due to the common theme expressed in his book, Universal Talk Laws, his life/development training programs, lectures, and his new play, The Re-Creation Encounter, which is also touring, he has been given the new title of a Re-Creation Strategist. Why? As a former 300 lb, emotionally unintelligent alcoholic employee that has turned into a 185 lb financially independent business owner and philanthropist he has definitely had his fair share of major breakthroughs from several limiting behaviors and beliefs.

BENEFITS FOR ALL ATTENDEES! 1) Life Lessons Magazine, a growing global media brand with over $40 billion in associative brand power will be giving all business owners 35% off ad apace in major Plus, one lucky attendee will win a free business 4-6 full spread feature! 2) Each attendee will recieve an official certificate of completion. (Can be added to your resume) 3) Each attendee will be receiving a signed complimentary copy of Mr. Dixon's book, Universal Talk Laws.(Worth a chance at $10,000, 10 for Every 10 Success Drive rules on pg. 98) 4) Each attendee will participate in one of Kinja's interactive networking exercises that will MELT the ice that evening and can be used in all future business and personal interactions.

5) Each attendee will participate in the Clarity Money Match Exercise. This is where Mr. Dixon personally recommends/creates unique partnership opportunities within the group of attendees that can be mutually beneficial for both parties.(This exercise is for participants who THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!)

6) Each attendee will have the opportunity to connect with people who are committed to excellence in their personal and business environment. There is no-telling what can be created when you have the right team of people by your side. There are a few more surprises guests and activities that you will find out about that evening.......

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