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What happens when you let it go?
Our Topic is a share by Pedram Shojai. "Are there elements of your life that are not working? Things that you keep doing despite you knowing that it’s a waste of time? Yet…you keep doing them out of habit or obligation… What about people? Toxic people, that don’t bring you happiness and always serve up drama…why are they still around? Do they serve you? How about pretty much anything that doesn’t fit the plan for your goals in life? What’s standing in your way? These are the questions to ask in the Fall. Autumn is about letting things go…pruning and leaves of last year and making room for new growth next year. It’s hard to do. We live in a culture of more, more, more…of everything. No wonder there’s no time or oxygen left for us…our dreams and aspirations. Take some time to reflect on what may be standing in your way right now. Where can you streamline things in your life and simply LET GO of stuff that isn’t serving you?" Discussion: We will share discussion then assist each other with cultivating ideas of things we may want to let go of - ways we may wish to change our current patterns with actions that support us. Meditation: We will take 10-15 minutes in silence with the questions shared above. The option of making a note of things that surfaced will be given followed by more discussion and our closing circle toning. Address: 12970 West Burgundy Drive, Littleton, CO Parking: Two options: Enter complex and turn right onto S. Yank, park at the top in cul-de-sac OR park along the east side of S. Zang. Walk to the most SW park facing building-middle unit. Donation supported: Thank you for sharing your donation in the box at the circle, by using this site or sharing on the payment option at - your donations help pay for the Meetup dues, snacks, handouts and any other fees - anything left over supports me to continue to support you! Subscribe to a monthly E-News at

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Hello, Thank you for checking out our group!

Connecting You with Yourself shares a collection of events that are intended to support and empower you;

Weekly SW Intenders - I was first introduced to Intenders, shared by Tony Burroughs in 2005. After practicing for a year, my life began to change in ways that felt impossible, my dreams were finding ways to come true. I began hosting circles for others to explore this life changing process in 2006.

I have been witnessing the alignment of dreams ever since. All are welcome who are ready to take responsibility to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with their highest Expressions.

Weekly Empowering Yoga classes - an all level yoga class and meditation, at Club USA, Littleton CO

Empowered Living with the Enneagram Course - Have you heard of the Enneagram? This course is for newbies and seasoned Enneagramers alike. It explores the ancient wisdom teachings and the modern psychological typology, revealing why you do what you do and how to align it with your highest way of being.

Monthly Enneagram Discussions - Curious about what the Enneagram is about? Want to deepen your understanding? Do you have questions? Want to talk Enneagram? These discussions focus on different aspects of the Enneagram teachings. Check out the topics and occasional guest speakers.

Monthly Experiential Meditations - Alignment requires focus and commitment. Give yourself the gift of both, in a supportive healing experience. Mediations are based in Enneagram wisdom. Yoga, crystal healing bowls and energetic support add to the experience.

Energetic and Positive Living Tools - Are you ready for more tools? A hammer can not build a house and one tool is not enough to support your alignment. This workshop shares a variety of tools to support you to align your vibration with your highest expression desire.

and more.

My name is Nancy Markow and you can learn more about me by meeting me in person at an offering (I welcome connecting), or by checking on the about me at this link (

I look forward to meeting you!!

Reach out with any questions,

Nancy Markow


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