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Ok, so you want to learn how to do something. I know some of us have a NEED to know how to make our own things, maybe recycle things, live on the land, make things you can't find elsewhere or even better, you are picky and NO ONE makes it the way YOU want it. Or we just have this powerful desire to learn things. Maybe some of us want to make things to enrich our lives or we love artsy craftsy things and wish to make pretty things or maybe there is a need or desire to help ourselves save money, still have goodies and keep us afloat in our economy.

As the group owner, I am looking for people that want to take classes and do things together. All kinds of do it yourself hand making will be taught and practiced. Some classes are pay classes, some classes you pay only for using tools or materials provided by someone else if you don't bring them yourself. And sometimes we will just get together and play with our favorite 'toys'. You bring the goodies to play with, maybe trade with someone else and we all just hang out together making beautiful, practical, decorative, necessary, healthy, fun and funny things. Join me! We will learn from and teach each other how to make it ourselves. YOU want to Do It Yourself. It is always more fun to learn together.

Join and suggest things that YOU want to learn how to do. Not just necessities but pleasures and luxury items as well like Arts and Crafts or making decorative items out of necessities. Some of the things we will be doing is arts and crafts, making musical and percussion instruments, gardening, farming, composting, aquaponics, sprouting and cooking with sprouted nuts, legumes, beans, grains and seeds, outdoor cooking, animal husbandry, making shelters, camping out, maybe even going on a trip to learn how to forage off the land. Building and recycling will eventually get in here somewhere. If you think you need to or want to learn it, then go to the suggestion tab in the calendar and suggest it. If someone knows how to do it or others have the yen to learn it, we will get into researching it, learning it, teaching it, doing it and sharing with others.

PS... This group does at times charge money. We gratefully accept all donations as well.

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