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What we’re about

You’re here because –

* You’re not only trying to make money – you feel that you’re here to change people’s lives, be in community, and even help better the world.

* When you go to a standard networking event, it seems superficial and that most people don’t share your values.

* You want to make deep and lasting connections.

* You want to be part of a movement that does business in a way that consciously honors your personal or spiritual growth, and allows it to be an acceptable part of your expression when networking and connecting.

Conscious business means bringing in a higher consciousness - both of ourselves and of the world around us – into community. If this feels like you, like-minded souls you are just waiting to meet you – a community of conscious, aware, and ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals. Together we will not just “do business,” but create a movement to change the world.

In the Conscious Business Bay Area Meetup events, you will:

- Learn tangible methods to not just do business, but to do Conscious Business

- Meet and attract new clients or customers who really get what you’re about

- Find great referral or business partners for your new endeavors

- Get inspired by amazing speakers who will help you develop both yourself and your business!

Are you ready to be a founding member of an intentional community that blends business, personal transformation, and social change, so that we can together impact the Bay Area and beyond? Join us!

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