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Summer Solstice Ceremony with Shannon O'Flaherty

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The Summer Solstice is nearly here and it is a perfect time for us to gather as we did for the Spring Equinox with Shannon O’Flaherty. The Spring Equinox which was all about new beginnings and now, coming into summer, it is a time to go within and find the nourishment we need to grow and evolve.

Just as we align with the Moon’s journey every month, we can align with the Sun’s journey throughout the year, which is actually the Earth’s journey around the sun. How are we showing up for ourselves? The Summer solstice is an energetically charged day and an important one to set intentions.

In a guided writing meditation we will direct your intentions that reflect upon qualities of patience, nourishment and trust and the development of them and you will create powerful “I am” statements that will help you open up to receiving the energies available on this day.
Then we will share and put them into the fire to transmute them into light!

While the Spring Equinox begins this journey and represents new beginnings, the Summer Solstice represents the next step reminding us to turn inward and find the emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual nourishment needed to grow and evolve.

It is a time to pause and wait for the energy planted in the Spring to reach full bloom.

While Spring represents action, Summer represents patience. We must develop trust and confidence in ourselves that what we set in motion previously is correct even if we go through some challenging times.

Our course is set at this point, we just need to nurture it and find purpose within its process.

So it becomes a time to work on ourselves and our ability to be the light and find meaning in our journey, even when it seems uncertain. Doubt, anxiety and worry often come with uncertainty, or the unknown, before we can see the fruits of our labour. Big shifts also cause old energies to surface and darkness can easily take over our mind.

Summer is the time to develop faith in our life, squash the darkness with light, and trust that just like the Sun, we will rise each day no matter what life brings us.

Through honouring this day of light, we energetically set in motion a period of awakening in our consciousness which lasts all summer until the Autumn Equinox.

  • East is represented by spring and new beginnings. Reflect on what you’ve started the past 3 months and what new opportunities have come your way. Rise up like the Condor and see where you’ve been and what you’ve created thus far.
  • South is the direction of Summer, rest, finding your purpose and direction. Reflect on the bigger meaning of your life and where you should focus your energy and refine your attention. Pay attention to any doubt that is surfacing before you now. Like the serpent sees the literal in front of her eyes, see what you can let go of on a day to day basis
  • West is the direction of Autumn where the Sun sets, representing a time to go within, detox and shed. Ask for wisdom of knowing when to let go, when to release and when to hold on. Like the mother, sister jaguar protecting her young, we must nurture ourselves. Examine what is good for us, what is weighing heavy on our soul?
  • North represents winter, wisdom and protection. Ask what wisdom is needed for your journey. Reflect on your lineage and the road your energy has traveled across life times. The Hummingbird drinks from the sweet nectar of life and hovers in seeming stillness, ask for guidance from your ancestors

Our guest ceremony leader: Shannon O’Flaherty has been on her shamanic and spiritual coaching path for 20 years. She helps her clients discover and heal their embedded subconscious programming. She has a transformational online course called From Fear Into Love and a private Facebook Group called The Spiritually Conscious Traveller (http://bit.ly/SpirituallyConsciousTraveller). Shannon takes small groups to Peru which support her orphanage/education/life centre there called Yachana Wasi (House of Wisdom) near Rachi outside of Cusco in Peru.

Please arrive at 6pm to share some nourishing, seasonal food then we will start our gathering and exercises with Shannon by 6.45 before culminating in a fire ceremony to complete. Being midsummer, it should be a very light evening and you may wish to linger, especially if the weather is warm...

Cost includes food and drink and ceremony £12, please book in advance on the eventbrite link. Note: £15 cash on the night for late bookings.

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