What we're about

We live in a new era, so we need a new type of business gathering.

With this networking and learning series, we'll dive into matters that address the interests of our modern cannabis industry and the industry of tomorrow.

If you care about conscious living and how our industry will safeguard our world for future of generations to come, then this is the Meetup for you.

You'll be invited to events of all kinds covering topics related to compliance, politics, packaging, fashion, metaphysical concepts, and plant medicine exploration. Since we're all consumers, content is both B2B and B2C.

We are focused on community building to cultivate and create beautiful products and services that entice and inspire. Through our mindful, group effort, we believe that this industry can be a model for all who follow their passion.

Watch or listen to our video podcast at ConsciousCannabiz.com. Also available on iTunes or Google Play.

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