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Conscious Capitalism is a new paradigm for operating corporations; one that recognizes the power of capitalism to improve the human condition and create enduring value for all stakeholders, while advocating for more conscious leadership and fostering conscious cultures.

We are the the Boston local chapter of the conscious leadership & business movement which is also non-profit organisation called Conscious Capitalism.

We invite anyone who is curious about these ideas and those who already embrace them to join us as we reach high and strive to create change in our society.


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Sustaining a Conscious Business over the Long Term

Impact Hub Boston

Awareness of conscious capitalism and its value to business leaders is growing. But long before the term “conscious capitalism” was coined, business leaders have operated with its precepts in mind. And many have maintained their success over a long period of time. How do businesses maintain their sustainable practices when times get tough or when business cycles end? In this fireside chat, we’ll speak with Val Shulock, who founded Basil Tree Catering 32 years ago to provide “catering with a conscience.” We’ll learn how she’s sustained this thriving business through three recessions, while the tastes of clients, the capabilities of suppliers, the desires of the talent market and the city itself have evolved. Topics will include: - What does “catering with a conscience” mean and how has that changed over the years? - Operationally speaking, is it easier or harder to be a conscious business now, compared to 32 years ago? Is there more competition? - When lean times come, what tradeoffs need to be made – and what tradeoffs are unacceptable? - What have been the unexpected challenges and joys along the way? - Does the current trend of “food recovery” from schools and institutions create a threat or opportunity? - How does the growing trend of “social conscience” and local sourcing affect how organizations seeking a local partner? Please register on our website: http://consciouscapitalismboston.org/event-3379139

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Workplace Giving in the 21st Century

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