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Conscious Clarity Energy Process™
Welcome to the Conscious Clarity Center Satsang Meditation group. We typically open the evening with a group sharing of feelings. Then we move forward with a Satsang message, followed by a group meditation (20 minutes) which is focused on the message provided by Source energy. We ask that all participants arrive a few minutes early so that we can start the meetup around 8:30 pm. It will be necessary for you to navigate a few stairs. We are not setup with a handicap ramp at this time, but we are working on it for the future. Please bring your favorite meditation pillow or backjack for comfort. If you have a tendency to become chilled, it may be worthwhile for you to also bring a light blanket, as we keep it cool during Satsang. However, once the Kundalini energies begin to flow, it does warm up quickly. If you would like to stay and socialize for further one on one discussion, we typically offer a small refreshment at the end of the group session. We like to end the evening around 10:00 pm. Thank you for your interest in our group. It is through community that we grow the mass consciousness of the world! Namaste ... To learn more about us visit

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The bi-weekly Conscious Clarity Center Satsang Meditation will focus on the teachings of the Conscious Clarity Energy Process™ as related to current events and Spiritual Transformative Education. This meetup is dedicated to anyone that would like to learn how to maintain inner peace and participate in a Spiritual Body experience in life.

The Conscious Clarity Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing Spiritual Transformative Education to the forefront of mass consciousness by providing a community for Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Seekers to correspond at a higher energy level of reality in Oneness.

The basis of the Conscious Clarity Center was established based upon the founder’s vision to bring spiritual awareness to the forefront of reality. The principal philosophy is devoted to everyone that has ever said,

"There must be something greater to this life than what is seen on the surface."

Therefore, the core teachings are centered around the channeled energy of the Conscious Clarity Energy Process™ which was guided at three levels of understanding or energy vibrations through the founder, Terry Swejkoski. These energies attract not only those beginning the spiritual journey, but those that have been on the path for many lifetimes.

We are located on the Leelanau Peninsula (8 miles north of Toms Market) just off of M-22 next to the West Grand Traverse Bay. The address and a map is provided when you RSVP for an event. (Look for the White Lights at the top of the hill)

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