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Welcome neighbours, friends, colleagues, family! We gather to explore empowering and supporting each other as active leaders and members of conscious community locally and globally. May this group be a healthy and loving space to serve your exploration and sharing.

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The group is a place to develop and practice the kind of conversation that will enable shifts to happen within communities, work environments, and families. We are exploring:

-- how to be inclusive
-- how to have breakthrough and insights with people who see things very differently
-- how to support the kinds of social and systemic changes that need to occur for our collective humanity to thrive
-- what people want from a conscious community
-- what people are bringing to a conscious community
-- how to support the rise and evolution of the collective genius of the group

We are proposing some guidelines for gathering in order to ensure the community shares a conscious conversation that calls us into our creativity and doesn’t fall into old stories or patterns.

• We all will share responsibility for the conversation, but just as an orchestra has a conductor, there will be facilitators who set the stage and oversee the weaving of the conversation.

• Shares will be timed and limited to 3 minutes to allow as many as possible to speak.

• We will honor our individuality as well as our connectedness.

• We will avoid giving feedback and advice by listening to one another with complete and openhearted attention.

• We will seek new levels of understanding that both include and transcend our separate views and understandings.

• We will be deeply committed to each other and the time we share.

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The Gartshore (Social Room)

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The Gartshore (Social Room)

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